What is Internet of Things Platform Definition

What is Internet of Things Platform Definition

The Internet of Things began to be recommended by Kevin Ashton on 1999 and started popular through Auto-ID centre in MIT. It keeps growing as today we can see Internet of Things implementation in our home and daily life. University student also use Internet of Things as their project.

With many people developing Internet of Things devices, IoT Platform is getting popular and people wants to use IoT Platform to ease their process in building IoT system.

Internet of Things includes many infrastructure which makes devices connected to the Internet, such as electronic embedded, software, sensors, actuators, and network connection.

Real Time Storage Data – Internet of Things technology needs integration with data storage (Cloud Storage), where data storage from sensor or data from other devices need a real time data storage. It is because IoT’s main focus is data streaming.

IoT Protocol Connection – Protocol Internet of Things from every device might be different. This makes developer must do many changes and data conversions.

Data Processing – Internet of Things is focused on faster data processing to make a real time data insight.

Analytic’s – Statistic processing and data management by various data connections and hardwares have to make a result about accurate data analytic.


Cloud Hosting Providers for Mobile Apps

Cloud Hosting Providers for Mobile Apps

There are many Mobile App Hosting available around us, it makes developers build mobile application easier. Mobile Cloud Computing often offers various plan start from free plan to unlimited plan based on the developers need. It provides feature to manage and set up easily.

One of the benefits of mobile app hosting is that you can utilize the service according to your requirement and pay only for what you use. It is considered as an extension of clustered hosting which is a system in which websites are hosted on multiple servers. It is important for developers to choose cloud hosting providers.

Some Benefits of using Mobile Cloud Hosting include:

More Scalable Capital Expense

The need for infrastructure data center operational costs are quite large and requires a human resource expert. Cloud hosting can manage the infrastructure automatically in as simple way as possible.

Economies of Scale

The advantage of using mobile cloud backend is when the need increases, the operating costs of users will tend to be lower than demand.


Building IT services and App can be started from a the small phase. When the need arose, you can easily upgrade the infrastructure faster.

No Maintenance

By using the cloud, then a company will save on expenses for the data center including application and OS used.

With various cloud hosting available, developers are required to understand the cloud hosting features. Considering the price and the features based on what you need. Do some research before choosing your cloud hosting.

Building IoT Implementation with Tizen OS

Building IoT Implementation with Tizen OS

Tizen OS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API, works on a wide range of devices. Tizen is said to be the next Samsung OS because Samsung wants to reduce its dependence on Android and Google.

Tizen works in most devices we use daily such as smartphones, smartwatches, Blu-ray players, printers, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart cameras, smart TVs, PCs, and smart home appliances. Which is why it is a big chance for developers to build their own IoT devices with Tizen Mobile Backend App.

For developers, they can build various implementation of Internet of Things or application for Tizen OS. Tizen right now has started all the campaigns to gather developers building implementation for Tizen.

Not just an application, Tizen also works in many devices for Internet of Things implementation. IoT with a huge market can be promising for developers to start using Tizen.

Tizen strongly supports developers who build applications using HTML5. Even the official guidelines for developing applications using HTML5 on Tizen has been available since it is released. Different with Android, Google officially supports Android application development using Java. To develop Android apps using HTML5, you have to use a third-party developer.

Build IoT Devices in IoT Platform

 Build IoT Devices in IoT Platform
Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a concept of a wider implementations of internet connectivity. Some of the advantages is data sharing, remote control, and etc. Include things in physical life. For example is in food and beverages, electronic, collection, equipment tools, also physical things that are connected to local and global network through sensor and stay active.


The Internet of Things has been a hype for couple of days since it began to be recommended by Kevin Ashton on 1999 and started popular through Auto-ID centre in MIT. At this moment, we can see many people is using Internet of Things. Not only in daily life but it begins a university project for their student. To develop easier, developer is using IoT Platform.


Basically, IoT platform has similar features and basic needs as any other platform to build IoT devices. Some IoT platform provides basic service of a platform. But the main use of IoT Platform is to ease developer/maker to build solution faster by using a platform (IaaS, PaaS, or BaaS) to get lower cost infrastructure.
IoT Platform has became one of regular tools. Most developers will use IoT Platform to develop their product and solution also help them scale up globally. IoT Platform is simply helping engineers to build their Internet of Things project faster and also manage them regularly. This includes building engagement with their user.

Bluetooth Beacon Implementation for Internet of Things

Bluetooth Beacon or also called iBeacon which was started being popular on 2014 is the beginning of various implementation of beacon, especially in Internet of Things. The Bluetooth beacon implementation is also in Internet of Things sector such as in Industrial Internet of Things such as in logistic and asset management. Beacon can be used as tagging and tracking for goods and tracking.


There are also more implementations of Bluetooth Beacon in Internet of Things especially for Industry. Here are some example:

1. Asset Management

Asset management, smart delivery, and real time access can help you make sure driver and vehicle operate optimally. Saving works that needed paper or needed manual work from human, B;luetooth Beacon makes it simple for industry to track and manage the asset.

2. Smart Logistics

Logistic system should be fast and detail in order reaching manufacturing goals and deliver the product fast. Thousands of products such as medicines and food must be sorted and transported at low temperatures. With IoT truck can manage these temperatures itself. By detecting temperatures, any changes will be detected and it can switch the temperatures inside the truck. Or if there’s any danger, an alarm is raised and an action is sent. This can reduce long term operational cost with a quick action on a small problem.


HP Android Layar 4K Terbaik

HP Android berlayar 4K saat ini memang sedang trend terlebih bagi anda yang hoby berfoto-foto tentu dengan kualitas layar yang sangat bagus didukung lensa kamera yang powerfull? Tentu akan menghasilkan hasil jepretan yang sangat memukau. Tak perlu berpanjang lebar, bagi anda yang tengah mencari smartphone dengan spesifikasi layar 4K? Berikut ini ada beberapa referensi yang bisa menjadi bahan perbandingan.